Fake and cheap 3D metaball

Last weekend, I released a WebGL experiment called Icicle Bubbles. The demo can easily run in 60fps in most of the computers and also, it was the first demo I did has the nice rendering. So, I would like to share my little trick here.

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THREE.JS Advanced Tips : Shadow

In this post, I would like to talk about the shadow. In THREE.JS, it has an internal shadow system. It is very powerful and easy to use. But I noticed that so many developers have issue with using shadow with their custom shaders. The most common issue is that after we moved the vertex position in the vertex shader, the shadow casting doesn't seem to be automatically reflected from the changes.

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Javascript Class

Javascript is a weird programming language, it doesn't come with a class structure(at least before es6) like in other languages. Developers who has experiences in other languages will bring their existed styles into Javascript and create their own standard. As there are so many different standards, it makes many junior developers(including me) very confused in the first place. In this short post, I am gonna share my standard, and please feel free to comment(but please do not start a war).

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Localize your website using Google Sheets

For localization, to the producers or the clients, they probably prefer something like a full stacked CMS rather than a JSON/XML file as they are not keen with all those brackets and double quotes. To the front-end developers, on the other hand, they probably prefer the JSON/XML solution over the CMS solution as it is way easier to construct and to build with a JSON/XML localization system.

I had this issue before and at some point I learned some PHP to build a simple CMS just because of that. Until one of my ex-colleague Sylvain Tran introduce me of using Google Sheets + PHP to generate the localization files, everything has changed and I found it really handy for handling localization of my projects. Based on that to create my own set up with Node.js and I would like to share it here...

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My First Christmas Experiment

I am glad that I could participate the Christmas Experiments last year in 2014. My experiment was Christmas Card to Everyone. It allows you to customize your own Christmas cards and share it to your friends! It was also the first experiment that contains sexual content and strong language as far as I know. Christmas Card to Everyone shows you how unprofessional I can be and how to make a silly joke in a serious way. Well, of course it also allows you to spread your Christmas spirit to your friends.

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About me
My name is Edan Kwan. I am a creative developer, an ex-Flash developer and an ex-firstborner. I am currently work remote freelance for different ad. agencies and designers.

For my latest work, feel free to check out http://www.edankwan.com/
About this blog
Writing is never my strong hand. I always find it difficult to explain what do I have in mind. ButI really do want to share some of thought in this field. Comments and criticisms are all all welcome.